Friday, March 31, 2017

Life cycle..

Empty chairs and empty tables. Like those in les miserables. Abandoned in the dark of the night. Expectedly so, as the road side stall is already closed. It was bustling then, with cendol and fruits. That was during the heat of the day, the battle aim is freedom from hunger, the battle act is consumption of the food.

For the seller, it is to make ends meet, to pay bills, to put food on the table, for family to eat.
That is the chain of needs, of others that we provide, and of us that others serviced.

That thought rhymed in Nakamora's head as he passed the cendol stall, looking like a device left and forgotten, to be used again during the day. That night, he was driving towards Pontian. Days ago they thought of fulfilling a need there, but didn't. Cendol was eaten elsewhere.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Travelling - it leaves you speechless, then...

The pyramids of Giza
The title of this post is just the first part of a quote "Travelling - it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a story teller." It's from Ibn Battuta, the famous Muslim traveler from Morocco in the 14th century. He traveled for 29 years, starting at the age of 20, and covered about 120,700 kilometers. That is a lot of travel, especially during that time when mobility is so remote from the convenience of today.

Travelling is one of Nakamora's passion too, but he may not cover that far neither that long a time. In the little travels that he made, he agreed that travels broaden his perspective on life and enhance his understanding of people, culture, and past civilizations.

The thin multi-story houses in Hanoi, for instance are so to avoid paying taxes for houses that are wider than 20 feet. The seemingly incomplete houses in Cairo, are so to avoid paying taxes too, if the house is completed. Hence the exposed reinforcing bars are there on top of the buildings to show that they are still under construction. To some of Egyptians, the pyramids were built by the subjects out of love for their kings, not by forced labor. These are just a few observations and information that he gathered as examples. There will more for next time, God willing. For now,
he needs to plan for the next travel.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Point and shoot

Holiday trip to some places are good time to educate us on with whom we share the world and how different is the topography from our area of habitats. In fact, according to many views, travel or going places is a better investment compared to buying gadgets and such. Memories increase in value, the experience lasts forever and non-tranferable. Gadgets and other nice to have items don't. In fact,  some of the items are liabilities as they depreciate in values.

During travelling the tendency is to record as much of the scenery by pointing and shooting the camera almost at any point of interest.
Recently Nakamora reviewed all the photos he took and raised many questions to himself. What happens at the edge of the picture. Why the person has no head, etc. That's point and shoot.
He tell himself that next time he need to take more time to compose the picture before shooting. But then, that is not always possible. Perhaps it is better to just enjoy the view, record it it memory, and snap only as as appropriate. Well, in the end, it all depends on the situation and the opportunity of the moment.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Here, there, and everywhere...

A view of Stephansplatz, Vienna
Can one truly claims that one has been here, there, and everywhere when in actuality one has been to the airport, hotel, and airport again but nowhere else here, there, and everywhere? Probably not. But correct to say that one has passed through those places.
That was Nakamora many years ago for work-related travels. Vienna, Monte Carlo, Ljubljana, Paris, Sydney, Seoul, Takasaki, Tokyo, Beijing, Dhaka, and Bangkok are some of his here, there, and everywhere places. Years later, Nakamora tried to recall what was it like in so and so place when he was there. How's the food, the weather, the people, the transport other than the taxi from airport to hotel and back? He neither strolled along the streets nor mingled with the crowd in shopping arcades, etc. He has no idea, no recollection beyond the meeting room in the hotel.
Not anymore. Nakamora really feels that he ought to know more, to see more, including the nearby places that can be reached in a fair amount of time by bus or train from a place that he considers his base. Brussels is only a few hours away by train from Paris. Prague isn't very far from Vienna by bus. Hiroshima can be visited readily by train from Osaka, etc. Well, that's what he is doing now, and he feels that he can claim that he has been here, there, and everywhere; not just passing through here, there, and everywhere anymore...

Thursday, January 08, 2015

To whom or what loyalty belongs?

At a seminar towards the end of last year Nakamora listened to a presentation related to human resources, particularly on employees attitude towards the organisation. It's said that there are three categories of them: engaged, disengaged, and actively disengaged.
Nakamora surmised that the level of engagement must be correlated to the loyalty or sense of belonging of the employees to the organisation, which in turn are related to factors such as environment, renumeration, and opportunities to grow. However, for certain groups of employees, particularly the professionals, organizational loyalty is not relevant. Their loyalty is to the profession, not any organisation. That perhaps is the reason for giving professors tenured status, so that they won't likely go away.
As the talk is moving to it's conclusion, the speaker presented a video clip on who's sinking your boat. Well, Nakamora thought that not every organisation can be likened to such a ship, as the employees loyalty belong not to the ship, but to the domain of discipline that take them to the boat in the first place...

Friday, July 25, 2014

Ramadhan is ending...

Well-consummated iftar
Truly, time flies.. Only a few days ago Nakamora thought fasting started, and suddenly today it is ending in about three days. How swift.. It could be so because of the many events, of global nature, that occupy the airwaves, and brain waves too. The continuing search for MH370 somewhere in the Indian Ocean, the World Cup in Brazil, the ill-fated MH17 in Ukraine, the onslaught of the innocence in Palestine/ Gaza by a party that Nakamora refuses to recognize by writing the name.

On a personal scale, this Ramadhan is different. Extremely rare that Nakamora patronizes the many bazar Ramadhan to buy food for iftar. The sky-rocketing price, the lack of food quality, and the difficulty for parking dampened his spirit. Some, or most of the food items, are priced beyond value for taste.. and some were not even prepared properly to deserve the names they are given. This reminded Nakamora of a stall at a food court in Tanjung Malim that sells nasi lemak. The dish lacks all the main ingredients to deserve the name nasi lemak. It has no ground nuts, no cucumber, and no sambal ikan bilis, or rather sambal ikan bilis full of onions and no anchovies. The owner has the chick and no remorse to call his dish nasi lemak. But there are still people having breakfast at the stall, just as there are still crowds, albeit smaller in size compared to previous years, at the bazar Ramadhan. Perhaps, we have become apathetic and indifference...

Happy Eid to all Muslim readers...